About Artist


Where it all begins

I have always been creative, my earliest memories of my creativity would be having drawing competitions with my older brother at the age of 6. The first day of school in Islington making fruit and vegetables from around the world made from clay. Born in Nigeria my culture has alway been close to my heart. Embracing who I am as a woman, daughter, sister, friend and lover. I am of mixed heritage so being able to connect with other comes easy. My best friend introduced me to the west indian culture. The vibriency of  food and music very similar you my own.


Drawing the Human Soul

My artistic journey has always come from my admiration for the female form. All that she is, all she can create, transforms and embodies. This has been my focus from GCSE and A Levels. At this point in my life I found out I was suffering  from depression which I later  discovered was common for most creative people. There was a dark sadness within me dealing with hormones and body changes. It always felt like my body was a focus. I was fine with myself, thick in the right places and waiting for the rest of that puppy fat to go. I drawing and Painting were not as strong but I was always creating something.


My Process Through Oil, pen, ink and collage

I developed a love for mixed media through my creative journey. The most vivid period would be in my foundation year at college as we were encouraged to play with materials and explore their possibilities.  It really prepared me for  my choice in University course. With a 2:1 BA Hons degree I refined my skills learnt from my Applied Arts course using Ceramic, Wood, metal and plastic.

Artists who rock my world


Tamara de lempicka

Rene Margritte

Peju Alatise

Lionel Smit

Vincent Van gogh

Kehinde Wiley

Barkley L. Hendricks

Titus Kaphar

Wadsworth Jarrell

Jeff Donaldson

Archibald Motley

Njideka akunyili crosby

Kai Carpenter

Nelson Stevens

Beuford smith

Jack Whitten

Ayogu kingsley

Sandra chevrier

Kareem Waris

Jon Moody

Christian guemy

Jeremiah Quarshie

Cherie Strong



Most of my recent art work has been produced within the winter months as I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) which is a form of depression caused by low vitamin D due to lack of sunlight. This disorder mainly affects people of colour due to the melanin in our skin. After some research I quickly realised I need to influence my mood in a positive and productive way. Painting became a way of therapy for me and is the time of the year when I probably produce my best work.


Inspired by the Motherland

My journey to find myself and working through my depression leads to an evolved state of mind.

The Motherland, Its vibrancy of colour, culture, energy and heritage . Class and status has no real purpose as we are all kings and queens in our own right. We are naked when we are born and embrace each other, this is our true selves. Not hiding behind material wealth but proud in our skin. while exploring my sexuality in its entirety, and projecting love and desires through each piece. This is my journey though female form.

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